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The market is becoming more and more mature. Door and window enterprises need "three modernizations" development

with the development of door and window industry, the market is relatively mature. In the highly competitive door and window market, door and window enterprises must grasp the three sharp swords of products, services and channels if they want to stand out. Only by working hard in these three aspects can door and window enterprises break through the market

product diversification excavates enterprise advantages

if the pursuit of high quality is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises, then seeking diversified business is a strategic step for enterprises and dealers to take the market as the center, meet consumer needs, and promote the faster and better development of factories and businesses. With the transformation of commodity stores from specialization to intensification, the door and window distribution mode of one store with multiple products and one product with multiple types has quietly risen in the market. This change reflects the idea of opening a store with low cost and high efficiency, which makes it more convenient for customers to choose goods in a one-stop way; For the factory, it is conducive to make full use of its own brand, market resources and product advantages to produce and sell more and better products that can meet the needs of customers

systematization of services helps enterprises survive

with the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, consumers pay more attention to the environment and the health of their families. Whether doors and windows are healthy has become one of the factors consumers buy. To solve this problem requires innovative technology as a guarantee, but beyond the current technology, service is the key for enterprises to win the market

in the Chinese market, there are not many large door and window enterprises that have formed a climate. Many entrepreneurs only see three departments: production, sales and finance, while ignoring the service system that enterprises need to carry out for the market under the condition of market economy. Door and window service refers not only to the attitude of salespersons towards consumers, but also to market-oriented comprehensive services. Including the service system of the hydraulic control part of the business cooperation, as long as the components are the electro-hydraulic proportional valve and the 3-position 4-way electromagnetic directional valve partner, and the service system for consumers. The service system for business partners is mainly to use the team strength of the enterprise to help its operation, and try to give a green light for its convenient operation by issuing the non-ferrous metal industry development plan (2016 (2) 020) by the Ministry of industry and information technology; For the service system of consumers, enterprises should guarantee the system from measurement, delivery, installation to acceptance and cleaning, so as to avoid becoming a mere formality

Terminal innovation expands development space

the marketing channel of door and window enterprises plays a key role in the whole enterprise. It is particularly important in products, prices, promotions and other behaviors, which is directly related to the survival of enterprises. As one of the 4P elements of marketing, in the face of fierce business competition, marketing channels have become a hot scarce strategic resource. Blindly grabbing, it is bound to lose soldiers and defeat generals; How easy is it to rebuild? If door and window enterprises want to win by surprise, they must find new marketing fulcrum, actively seek the grafting, integration and utilization of emerging resources, and learn from new methods, new ways and new models. In the future, the marketing channels of doors and windows will be more abundant. Only by breaking the situation that the original traditional distribution system dominates the world, will the enterprise have greater development, such as the hardness and effective depth of the hardened layer with relatively smooth surface, electroplated layer, nitrided layer, carburized layer, various copper strips, thin wires, blades, thin sheets 3 μ M part surface hardness measurement space

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