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In order to remain invincible in the business world, many enterprises have tried their best to make a big fuss on marketing. With the increasingly fierce market competition, China's hardware tool market is facing a situation of rapid growth. In order to remain invincible in the business sea, many enterprises have tried their best to make a big fuss on marketing. Often, this period of extreme turbulence is also the period when opportunities are generated most. If you want to quickly occupy or expand the market, you need to break the sales situation of hardware tools, and you need to grasp both domestic and foreign markets. The old sales model of grabbing the market by low cost can no longer be used. Both enterprises and dealers must transform, develop high value-added products and improve product competitiveness to cope with the current situation

electric tools are the most widely used hardware tools in the whole society. With the progress of the times and society, the market of electric tools has developed rapidly. At the same time, all kinds of electric tools have caused harm to consumers due to various quality problems from time to time. Therefore, the requirements of countries around the world for electric tools in their own markets are becoming increasingly strict. The European Union has formulated special standards for hardware electric tools, with the purpose of establishing specifications for hardware electric tools and technical specifications for electric tool products entering the European market, so as to reduce or avoid the harm caused by electric tools to consumers. Europe has also introduced an electrical certification decree for energy-saving materials that belong to thermal insulation materials. All specifications and series of electric tool products exported by relevant enterprises to the EU must pass the EU electrical directive certification and be marked before export. Products that are about to expire should apply for certification in time. In addition, within the testing time of electric tools, enterprises need to make relevant preparations in advance. Enterprises need to accumulate coping experience. Products that involve customers who will call us for inquiries will be adjusted accordingly according to EU regulations, otherwise they will be eliminated by the market

in this regard, industry expert Luo Baihui reminded enterprises to timely understand and master the regulations and standard requirements of the importing countries of exported hardware tools on the safety of electric tools, such as the latest European Union standard requirements for electric tools; The product design and quality management personnel of the enterprise should be familiar with and understand the standards for watering and curing for more than one week. When developing and designing products, they should not only consider the shape and function of the products, but also pay attention to the safety performance of the products according to the inspection standards of the exporting countries

it can be said that you need both fish and bear's paws. If hardware enterprises do not pay enough attention to channel establishment, brand promotion and maintenance; If the after-sales guarantee and after-sales service are not in place, or there is basically no after-sales service, it will directly affect the long-term development of the enterprise. After sales service is also the top priority. With good products and good reputation, we should carry out appropriate brand promotion, establish our own sales channels, and carry out brand promotion through agents, media cooperation and other channels. This requires various hardware enterprises to use their wisdom to explore their own sales methods. At the same time of OEM production, accelerate the transformation and technological upgrading of the industry, improve product quality, and build ourselves. All our continuous progress is for your reassuring brand and famous brand

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