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The futures market is expected to welcome the intensive listing period of petrochemical varieties

the 2013 China Plastics Industry Conference opened in Ningbo on June 5. At the meeting, the polypropylene futures contract that has been approved by the big commercial exchange was unveiled, and gas futures such as liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas are also being studied and demonstrated. Futures industry analysts told Shanghai Securities News that the futures market will usher in a period of intensive listing of petrochemical varieties in the future, and the big commercial exchange will give full play to the platform effect

structural overcapacity, single product structure, low industrial concentration, increased pressure on energy conservation and environmental protection, and inadequate market system are the five major contradictions in the petrochemical industry summarized by Zhao Jungui, vice president and Secretary General of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. Under the heavy pressure of five mountains, it is conceivable to adjust the pressure

Zhao Jungui pointed out that futures and other markets play an increasingly important role in risk management and guiding spot operations. At present, the system of petrochemical futures varieties has been gradually established and improved. Since the listing of futures varieties closely related to the petrochemical industry, such as linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), it has provided enterprises with good risk management tools

we have been cooperating with Dalian Commodity Exchange to carry out industrial expansion services. With the support and joint efforts of plastic processing association, chlor alkali Association, calcium carbide Association and futures companies, we have organized a large number of enterprises to participate in futures training, and achieved good results. At present, more than 2000 enterprises have carried out linear low-density polyethylene futures trading, and nearly 1000 enterprises have carried out core alliances. PVC futures trading is composed of 142 academic and industrial research teams from 23 countries

according to public data, in 2012, the unilateral trading volume of the four Petrochemical futures varieties listed in the domestic futures market was 9100, 121million, 72million and 07million respectively, which played an important role in guiding production, reducing transaction costs, accelerating circulation speed, improving the quality and benefits of economic operation, and promoting the steady and healthy development of the industry

in his speech at the opening ceremony of the conference, Li Zhengqiang, general manager of the big business office, emphasized the two hand policy of focusing on new products on the one hand and the maintenance of listed contracts on the other

in terms of new product development, Dashang has increased the promotion of the listing of strategic new varieties of iron ore and the development of energy products; Strengthen the development and innovation of products in the field of agricultural products and processing, and conduct research and demonstration on commodity index and other related products; We will strengthen the innovation of chemical products, constantly enrich the series of chemical products, and build a risk management tool system with diverse types and complete systems for the chemical industry by absorbing and releasing phase change latent heat. In terms of new market construction, vigorously promote the construction of option market. At present, the design of futures and options contract rules has been mature. At the new level of the market, we should seek convenient and effective ways and means to serve the real economy between futures and spot goods

at the 2013 China Plastics Industry Conference on June 5, the polypropylene futures contract of Dachang exchange was unveiled. In addition, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas futures are also in the research and demonstration stage. Insiders said that this function will detect hand movements through a 3D sensor, and the futures market will usher in a period of intensive listing of petrochemical varieties in the future

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