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The market is looking forward to whether the authoritative exhibition "ccce2003" can stand out

-- the prospect forecast of the second China ice cream, candy and Chocolate Exhibition

2003 the second China ice cream, candy and chocolate exhibition can be used as furniture, ceiling and other meetings (ccce2003), which will be unveiled on the Shanghai stage on October. Under normal circumstances, an ordinary exhibition will not attract too much attention, but it is not surprising that China Bakery Industry Association, the organizer of "ccce2003", is also a leader in using the exhibition economy to promote the development of the food industry in China's food industry, because it is also different from the oil drainage chamber and connected with the sugar products industry association. Now, people inside and outside the industry are generally concerned about whether "ccce2003" can stand out? To answer this question, we must analyze and observe from the following aspects

what kind of exhibition the market needs

the practice of market economy tells us that modern exhibitions must have five basic characteristics: scale, authority, information, market prediction and sustainable development, and communication improvement. Scale, that is, representativeness, means that the exhibition must have a certain scale and be able to attract at least 80% of the excellent enterprises in the industry. Authority means that the exhibition not only gathers the best enterprises in the industry and shows the most cutting-edge production technology, but also the organizers can accurately evaluate all aspects of the exhibition and industry development through themselves and the experts they hire with the help of irreplaceable professional knowledge. Information can be understood from two aspects: first, there are many new technologies and new achievements in the exhibition itself; second, through technical exchanges and various academic conferences, the exhibition can become a carrier of various practical information and a platform for further development of enterprises. What is the purpose of the exhibition? In the final analysis, it is for the continuous development and growth of industries and enterprises. Therefore, a successful exhibition can enable enterprises to see through the industry trend and understand the market trend through scientific market prediction, or take advantage of development, or prepare for a rainy day

of course, having the above five characteristics is only a basic premise for running a modern exhibition well, and the key is to work hard on implementation. If the characteristics of modern exhibitions can be fully realized, enterprises will be satisfied and will not return empty handed. To put it bluntly, what enterprises need is exhibitions that understand the market and exhibitions that can grasp the market; These can't be achieved by talking. The sponsor must not only have a high spirit of responsibility for the enterprise, but also have a certain research on the market

how deep is the accumulation of "ccce2003"

although the China ice cream, candy and Chocolate Exhibition has only been held once, the China bakery and sugar products Industry Association Co organized the exhibition with its subordinate National Ice Cream Professional Committee and national candy Professional Committee on the basis of summarizing the experience of the previous six China International Bakery exhibitions. It is understood that from 1997 to 2003, China International Baking Exhibition has been held for six times, and the exhibition area has grown from less than 4000 square meters to 24000 square meters; The number of exhibitors has increased from less than 100 to 500; The professional audience increased from nearly 20000 to 70000; The content of the exhibition has also changed from a single exhibition to a comprehensive exhibition combining general meetings, baking and moon cake technology competitions, high-level forum seminars, and various technical exchanges and commendation meetings. As one of the most authoritative, professional, influential and large-scale professional exhibitions in China, the profound market accumulation and successful experience of China International Baking Exhibition undoubtedly laid an extremely solid foundation for "ccce2003"

thanks to the strong intervention of China bakery and sugar products industry association, this "ccce2003" made many enterprises at home and abroad participate in it with a more positive attitude. For example, Shanghai Tetra pakhoyer, after sufficient market research and analysis, not only is it optimistic about the exhibition, but also issued more than 10000 invitations to customers in the name of the company called "meeting Shanghai". More and more enterprises have paid attention to this business method of exploiting the market through exhibitions with high market popularity and high success rate, especially expanding their own influence. I believe that there will be an endless stream of imitators in the future

the historical accumulation of "ccce2003" is obviously profound. Although it is incomparable with the China International Baking Exhibition, it still has a unique excellent investment and financing mechanism in terms of scale, authority, information, market prediction and sustainable development, as well as the improvement of communication, and its penetration into the energy storage industry continues to increase. First of all, the China bakery and sugar products industry association and the other two professional committees that participated in the hosting have a group of experts on their own. They not only have advantages in professional knowledge and market awareness, but also have maintained good cooperative relations with many influential experts and scholars at home and abroad. Through continuous exchanges, they have a more avant-garde understanding of the development and changes of the industry at home and abroad. Secondly, the good reputation of the organizer undoubtedly has a brand effect, which makes the exhibitors have a natural sense of security based on their understanding of the organizer's rich experience in holding professional exhibitions. Twice, many exhibitors in the baking industry have inextricably linked with each other in production, sales, use of raw and auxiliary materials and manufacturing technology, which makes "ccce2003" have a broader development space on the basis of relying on traditional customers

whether "ccce2003" can stand out

there is no doubt that whether "ccce2003" can stand out is directly related to the "five characteristics" of modern exhibitions. Since the China ice cream, candy and Chocolate Exhibition has only been held once, the scale must have a gradual process, which cannot be achieved overnight. However, in terms of the authority and organizational experience of the organizers, it is sooner or later to further expand the scale. The key is what kind of services the second China ice cream, candy and Chocolate Exhibition 2003 can provide to the market. Judging from the current situation, the organizers have carried out their work from two aspects: first, using professional food media, such as China food news, consumption, food and machinery, to carry out a strong advertising offensive while forecasting the exhibition; The second is to use comprehensive media, such as people's media, local media and Internet in China and Shanghai, to widely release exhibition news and content at home and abroad. As for the content of the exhibition, compared with the past, this exhibition has the following characteristics:

first, various industry conferences with large amount of information and strong market predictability have been held continuously, mainly including the second China International Ice Cream Market and development forum, the first China International candy and chocolate technology seminar, the 2003 annual meeting of the National Ice Cream professional committee, the 2003 annual meeting of the national candy and chocolate professional committee, as well as new ice cream raw materials On site exhibition of new equipment and technology

second, the level of papers participating in the meeting is high, and the authority is beyond doubt. This point is from the paper topics prepared for the conference: the development status and trend of international candy and chocolate, the application of hydrocolloids in candy, the quality control and new product development of chocolate factories, the International Cocoa and chocolate market trends, the development trend of the global ice cream market and the health problems in the production of ice cream, "the application of pre management" in ice cream, the development of international ice cream, the market trend and technical development of European ice cream It can be seen from using new accessories to maximize the value of ice cream products

third, while holding the on-site exhibition and experience exchange meeting of new ice cream raw materials, new equipment and new technology, complete the approval of the final draft of the technical management specification for the production of frozen drinks. Exhibitors at home and abroad have new hopes for the development environment of Chinese ice cream, candy and chocolate, especially for the market

fourth, the exhibition is rich in content and highly targeted. Specifically: famous ice cream, ice cream, candy, chocolate series and related products; Various ice cream, candy and chocolate production lines, equipment, film tools and matching equipment; Raw and auxiliary materials of ice cream, candy and chocolate, including artificial milk (yellow) oil, shortening, hydrogenated vegetable oil, dairy products, milk powder, creamer, cocoa products, cocoa butter substitutes, nuts, dried fruits, sugar, starch syrup, essence, additives, edible gum, etc; Ice cream, ice cream, candy, chocolate and snack food packaging machinery, plastic cooling slow mouth machine when the plastic mold sealing temperature exceeds 120 degrees; Plastic printing, various films, oop/cpp heat shrinkable film, iron printing can making, aluminum foil paper, carton, carton; Flexible packaging production lines such as refrigeration equipment and special transport vehicles for cold food, sterile beverage packaging paper and trademark printing; Food equipment, appliances and tools related to the exhibition content

fifth, among the 27 co organizers, there are many backbones in the industry. For example, Shanghai Hailin, Nanjing Puyuan, Wuxi Sinan, danix (China), Shanghai peacock essence, Shanghai Aipu, etc. these enterprises' confidence in this exhibition can be seen from this

in fact, it is very difficult to predict the development and changes of anything. However, as for "ccce2003", from the comprehensive situation of history and reality, it is entirely possible to stand out, for which we are full of confidence

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