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Shanghai Panasonic microwave oven Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park. It is a production-oriented joint venture between Panasonic and ShangGuangDian, which will have a leading market position and good industrial dynamics in Japan. It was established in 1994. The floor area of the factory is 35,00, and the development history of vibration testing machine is 0 square meters, with 1000 employees

not long ago, PD China visited this factory specializing in the production of microwave ovens. There are four assembly lines here, with an annual production capacity of 3million units. The microwave ovens assembled on each line arrive at their respective packaging stations through the conveyor belt, and there is a slide on the right side of the packaging workers. The workers on the second floor pushed the cartons with the bottom sealed, paved with plastic protective film and foam cushion down from this slide in turn and stayed next to the packing workers. Workers put the products into cartons and paste them. Most of these fishing gear are from the outside labels of illegal fishing vessels, and then they are transferred to the next station, where accessories are loaded. After adding the upper buffer foam plastic, they are transferred to the automatic sealing under the tape sealing machine. The sealed products will also be weighed by a METTLER TOLEDO automatic weighing machine. Different models of products have their standard weight after packaging. When the product weight does not meet the standard, the weighing opportunity will send an alarm to remind workers to check whether there are missing packing accessories or other problems - although the probability is very low, once the problematic packaging is allowed to enter the market, it will only bring greater losses to the company

in order to make full use of the limited space, the product is transported from the offline to the stacking by using the overhead conveyor belt. The packaged microwave oven package is transported to the elevator, lifted to the upper conveyor belt, transported to the stacking room, and then lowered by the inclined conveyor belt to the goods loading place, where the workers stack. Panasonic partially applies paper pallets, which can be stacked in 5-6 layers, with 4 or 6 microwave ovens on each layer

Panasonic pursues the goal of "zero inventory". The packaging supplier is selected nearby and delivers goods every two hours; And at present, the products generally stay in the stacking room for no more than half an hour, that is, they are shipped by trucks

self printed label

the carton label of Panasonic microwave oven is divided into two types: film coated and non film coated. Film coated labels are printed and delivered by the designated factory, while non film coated labels use two Zebra printers to print variable information on the label roll in the factory. Before the product leaves the factory, the quality assurance department will scan and save all labels and variable information to realize the traceability of a single product

packaging supplier

according to the relevant personnel of the Technology Department of Shanghai Panasonic microwave oven Co., Ltd., 70% of the company's products are exclusively for export, and the design of products and packaging is often completed by overseas companies. The Technology Department of Shanghai factory will design some different buffer packaging according to different products and different markets. European and American countries have relatively good road conditions, developed logistics industry and restrictions on the proportion of packaging materials, so products exported to the above areas use three-layer corrugated boxes. The company's own laboratory can carry out drop and low-temperature storage tests, and the vibration test is entrusted to professional testing institutions

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