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Hawk international packaging productivity increased by 200%

hawk international is recognized as a world leader in the development and connection of cable casings and oil rigs, such as mining operations and hazardous areas

the company uses the old traditional form, filling and sealing system, and cable sealing packaging bag. The system proved to be a bottleneck because it was unreliable, so the company outsourced workers in its packaging outsourcing part to keep up with the growth of production. This makes them not package the manuscript, which increases the packaging time and costs

existing problems

Hawke International acknowledges that this situation can no longer be regarded as production efficiency, and is beginning to suffer. There is a risk that packaging operations hinder the delivery of goods

this solution

the company uses an interconnected suitable bagging system to supply. Whether it is to transmit load, maintain fiber orientation or maintain the integrity of materials, it is inseparable from the resin matrix supplier search, and soon found the station of automatic packaging system

a sales representative, who participated in the effort to boost Mongolia's participation in the organization, watched some samples leave the test. The finer the measurement results, the better the reliability and other characteristics are really impressive. The analysis of this sample puts forward an autobag antibody 180 Bager, a negotiable securities 412c thermal printer and a quick turnover of slicing trays

for the purpose of 'after the access point', Malvern, which established a demonstration factory, hawk international found that ab 180 is a very production system, which can operate up to 80 bags per minute, and made an improved folding


Hawke international bought autobag antibody 180 bagel, negotiable securities 412c printer and slice tray system, and did not look back. Reliability is no longer a problem

as well as improving packaging, Hawke saw the surge in productivity levels by eliminating the need for labor to outsource savings and increasing its packaging

Paul castings, the production manager is satisfied with the result. He said: the combination of autobagger and printer has enhanced our product introduction. We can now print the details of bags in the bagging process. All subcontract work has been eliminated, and we have greatly improved the productivity level of packaging speed while maintaining greater control over quality

we have been working with autobag for 8 months, and we are 100% dependent on the delivery of the company's consumer goods bags. The supply of customer service has always been second to none - it's a pleasure to deal with access points

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