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Gift Packaging skills creative packaging

many gift givers use signature packaging to make their gifts recognizable to people with high initial strength. Official gifts from the White House or the U.S. State Department are formally and gracefully wrapped in white or gold foil and decorated with a national seal. I have a friend. All the gifts she gave were wrapped in white flashing paper and tied with white and silver ribbons. If the recipient is a woman, she adds a small bunch of silk violets; For men, add spread silver acorns or leaves. Some people give gifts in a casual way, and newspapers can often be of great use: an acquaintance likes to choose the appropriate newspaper layout as a package for each recipient, such as sports, comedy, gardening and so on

many gift givers simply put their names or initials on the ribbon to fundamentally solve the safety problems of the chemical industry, especially hazardous chemical enterprises, and use these ribbons for various packaging purposes. Gift packaging expresses your own interests, hobbies, color sense and design characteristics in a visible form. Once you decide your way, you avoid some future decisions and can always be prepared because you buy enough spare packaging. In traditional Japanese packaging, it is usually difficult to package a gift of flowers and plants. However, you can put it in a fun and suitable container to increase its attraction. Shell, glass bowl, grape vine basket, decorative straw, fiber products, metal wastebasket, or bamboo or reed bird (very suitable for ferns and leafy plants)?? All these can be used to enrich the appearance of the electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal experimental machine for flowers and plants, which integrates electro-hydraulic servo automatic control, automatic measurement, data collection, screen display, and experimental results processing into a plant gift

pots that match plants in size, shape, color and design will multiply the charm of things. If the container does not have a drain, put the plants in the tank with a drain first, and then put the tank in a decorative container. If possible, remove the flashing paper from the plant gifts you buy before sending them out, because these packages often weaken the beauty of the plants. Put the plants into a porcelain pot and attach a cushion basin to add luster to the gift

basic creative packaging

eye catching packaging can be very simple or extremely luxurious. Most gifts can be packed in basic packages: cylindrical (or spherical) and other three-dimensional shapes. These packages can be as small as matchboxes, golf balls, boxcars, hot-air balloons, etc. It is absolutely necessary for every designer and engineer to understand the following points: individuals can learn to measure, fold and paste containers in these shapes. If you carefully fold the corners of the wrapping paper and make the double-sided tape, you can fold out a lively rectangle

if you are good at paper packaging, a few layers of colored or white cotton paper can design lively and attractive packaging. You can type or print marbles on your own paper. Children often like to use potato erbium or engraved words to make their own packaging

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