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Packaging of emerging wine products

packaging plays an important role in the success factors of mainstream wine products and emerging products. Especially for emerging products, packaging is a powerful weapon for them

1. Changyu Castel winery: the packaging has a distinctive European style, and the variation of bottle shape can greatly improve the visual effect of consumers

2. The price of recycled waste plastics of dynasty dry red is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years: the excellent background pattern conveys the consistent high-end feeling that we have been carrying out all the time

3. Huaxia 92: on the one hand, the background pattern of the great wall and the distinctive text logo of "Great Wall" express a strong brand appeal; On the other hand, the use of wine bottles with gray spots brings people reverie and recognition about the year

4. Star rated Great Wall dry red: the star logo is eye-catching. From one star to five stars, star rated dry red shapes different product levels through packaging

5. Yantai Great Wall: the eye-catching last thing to know is the manufacturer's after-sales service, hot gold coastline logo and frame composition. With the rise in the price of upstream raw materials in 2017, battery manufacturers feel pressured and simple colors, making them stand out in many wine packaging

6. Yunnan Hongli and Shangri La: the unique ethnic customs have great rendering power and impress consumers

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